Monakai Inspired Theme for IntelliJ

I’m a frequent user of IntelliJ because it’s a great Java IDE as well a great IDE for Node.js.  I’m also a big fan of Sublime Text 2 which is another great editor I use for everything outside the IDE.

One thing I do miss in IntelliJ-land is the the Monokai color scheme that is the default in ST2.  I tried for a while to find some port of the color scheme, but didn’t find something that I liked.

So having said that, I’d like to share my personal attempt at porting the color scheme to IntelliJ with my own twist.

I started with Roger Heim’s port of the Ragnarok Blue color scheme, and went from there.  I only ported the languages I use often so feel free to ping me if you want to share any additional customizations you make.

Without further adieu, here it is (updated for IntelliJ 12):

IntelliJ 12 – n0tw0rthy-12.xml

IntelliJ 11 – n0tw0rthy-11.xml


(I can’t guarantee backwards compatibility to older versions).


One Response to Monakai Inspired Theme for IntelliJ

  1. Never Mind says:

    Could you list featured languages and share a self-explaining screenshot?

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